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On October 1st, 2019, posted in: News by

Old is Gold: Why microscopy is still the Golden standard for malaria diagnosis

As a contribution towards this year’s World Malaria Day, HUMAN highlights the use of microscopy – a WHO & CDC recommended Golden standard – for malaria diagnosis. The use of microscopes for malaria diagnosis has been around for more than a century. Beyond this microscopy is one of the most important procedures for diagnosis and […] read more

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HumaStar 100/200 Awarded with The International iF Product Design Award 2014

HumaStar 100/200 Awarded with The International iF Product Design Award 2014 The design of the new HUMAN random access analyzer HumaStar 100/200 convinced a jury of international design experts and was awarded with the iF product design award 2014. 3,249 entries in 17 categories were evaluated in consideration of criteria like design quality, workmanship, choice […] read more

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HUMAN Announces The Acquisition of LABiTec

PRESS RELEASE Wiesbaden/Ahrensburg, 30th January 2014 HUMAN announces the acquisition of LABiTec. The leading supplier of systems for blood coagulation and aggregation diagnostics becomes part of the HUMAN group. HUMAN Gesellschaft für Biochemica and Diagnostica GmbH, Wiesbaden, has acquired all shares in LABiTec, LAbor BioMedical Technologies GmbH, Ahrensburg. This step strengthens HUMAN’s technological expertise for […] read more

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Pengumuman Pindah Alamat Kantor Distributor Bandung- Jawa Barat

Pelanggan Human Yth, Terimakasih atas kepercayaan dan kesetiaan anda dalam menggunakan produk kami. Bersama ini kami informasikan bahwa efektif mulai tanggal 1 February 2014, kantor Distributor Bandung – Jawa Barat pindah alamat; Dari alamat lama : Jl. Patrakomala No.72 Bandung   Ke alamat baru : Jl. Sragen No,21 Antapani Bandung Telp/Fax: 022 – 720 3600   […] read more

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Announcing HUMAN’s HuMax 3K

We are proud to introduce the new HuMax 3K benchtop centrifuge. With its excellent price/performance ratio, the HuMax 3K is sure to become another HUMAN Top Seller in the Laboratory Line. The HuMax 3K is a small centrifuge suitable for use in any laboratory, designed for centrifuging liquids in medicine, biology, research and quality control. Main […] read more

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HumaStar 180 – Discontinuation of Product

Kami ingin menginformasikan bahwa HumaStar 180 (Item no. 16900) akan dihentikan pada akhir Oktober. HumaStar 180 diluncurkan 10 tahun yang lalu dan penjualan mencapai puncaknya pada 2007/2008. Sebagai bagian dari modernisasi jalur kimia klinik, sekarang HumaStar 180 digantikan oleh HumaStar 100 dan 200. Instrumen baru ini akan menawarkan kepada pelanggan Anda banyak keadaan fitur seni […] read more

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Homocysteine Multipurpose Available!

We are proud to introduce the new clinical chemistry reagent Homocysteine liquiUV complete kit together with the corresponding and mandatory Homocysteine Control Set for multipurpose usage. The kits have now cleared the CE certification process and are in stock.   Homocysteine liquiUV (Cat. No. 11140) Homocysteine Control Set (Cat. No.11143)   Reagent kit Cat-No. 11140 Volume: 34ml […] read more

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Segenap Management dan Karyawan PT. Sali Polapa Bersama mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA IDUL FITRI 1434H Minal Aidin Walfaidzin Mohon Maaf Lahir & Batin       **************************** Berkenaan dengan libur Hari Raya Idul Fitri, mulai dari 5 Agustus – 11 Agustus kantor kami akan tutup. Kami akan kembali beroperasi pada hari Senin, 12 Agustus 2013. Terima kasih […] read more

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HumaScope PAD 500 – NEW

We are proud to present to you the successor to the HumaScope LCD— The HUMASCOPE PAD 500–REF 14000/200 With the HumaScope PAD 500, you can transform your HumaScope Classic, Advanced, Premium or Stereo into a multimedia workstation – fantastic upgrade for HumaScope users. That’s because the HumaScope PAD 500 is not simply a viewing device like […] read more

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