HumaSRate 24PT

Unique ESR analyzer without consumables
HUMAN offers an ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) system for small to medium sized labs. The use of primary EDTA tubes for ESR reading is cost-efficient because no ESR tube is necessary. HumaSRate 24PT offers the flexibility to run ERS tests at any time without additional blood collection.
· Real erythrocyte sedimentation rate analyzer
· Use of primary EDTA tubes – no consumables required
· Throughput: up to 24 samples/h
· Channels: 8 with integrated mixer
· Unique sedimentation curve (outstanding accuracy, measurement every 10 sec)
· Excellent correlation to Westergren
· Integrated barcode reader to identify the sample ID
· QC module with Levey-Jennings-diagram
· Data storage of up to 5,000 patient results
· Touchscreen with intuitive user interface
· LIS connectivity

REF 15024

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